Tommy Murphy
I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Cal State Fullerton. I studied under Juergen Berndt at Cork and London for my doctorate, before holding Fellowships at Brussels, in the group of Joel Fine, and McMaster, working with McKenzie Wang.

[Curriculum Vitae]

Research Interests

My research is focused on interactions between Riemannian and Kaehler geometry. In particular I have mostly worked on distinguished Riemannian metrics, such as symmetric spaces or Einstein metrics. Two central themes in my research are the stability of Ricci solitons as fixed points of the Ricci flow and understanding how to exploit symmetries in order to explicitly describe such distinguished metrics. Since coming to Fullerton I have also begun to work with undergraduates on various problems, such as stability of minimal surfaces, Maxwell's Equations, holomorphic dynamics, and packing problems.

Contact Information

Prof. T. Murphy,
Dept. of Mathematics,
Cal. State Fullerton,
800 N. State College Blvd,
Fullerton, CA 92831