MathReader: Mathematica Notebook Reader

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MathReader is a viewer for notebook documents created with Mathematica, the world's only fully integrated technical computing system. MathReader lets you display and print Mathematica notebooks, animate graphics, play sounds, and copy information from notebooks to other documents. MathReader can be used by most web browsers as a helper application for viewing notebook documents.

To create, edit, and print notebooks, you need the Mathematica front end.

To do computations within a Mathematica notebook, you need the full Mathematica system with both the front end and the kernel.

Download a free copy of MathReader.

Select the platform you need.

MathReader for Windows 95/98/NT

MathReader for the Macintosh

If you would like information about MathReader for platforms not listed above, please contact Wolfram Research.

Check out the Mathematica Resource Center for many example notebooks that illustrate Mathematica's outstanding numeric, algebraic, and visualization features.