Laura Smith Chowdhury

Associate Director of CCAM (Center for Computational and Applied Mathematics)
Associate professor of Mathematics

About me

I have been a professor at Cal State Fullerton since 2013. I did my doctoral work at the University of California, Los Angeles and my postdoctoral work at the Information Sciences Institute at the University of Southern California.


I am an applied mathematician with many interests. My research areas include crime modeling, agent-based models, complex networks, dynamical systems, image processing, density estimation, variational methods, partial differential equations, hot-spot mapping, social media analysis and modeling, data fusion, computational science, and graph theory.

Industrial Projects

I have mentored several groups of students working on projects with industrial sponsors, including the RAND Corporation, the Los Angeles Police Department, and the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project. I continually look for projects to incorporate industrial experiences into the academic learning environment.