2018-2019 Info:


Mathematics Dept. CSUF
Fullerton, CA 92831



Charles Funkhouser PI
Harriet Edwards CoPI
Miles Pfahl CoPI (TMCC)
Patrick Weasel Head
Roberto Wheaton
Michael Little Crow
Shawn Jordan

Activities and Materials Under Development

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An overview of the 2018-2019 Academic Year ...

While we will be continuing our original Project objectives during the coming year, in particular the development, enhancement and dissemination of our culturally-based undergraduate mathematics lessons, our group with continue to engage in our four newer supplemental goals to enrich and enliven our work. These Supplemental Objectives are:

1. Intensive Tribal college collaborative efforts developing and integrating site-specific culturally-based materials.

2. Direct instruction and training of undergraduate mathematics instructors in the use of the Project lessons within a teacher workshop model.

3. Wider dissemination of the Project dispositional philosophy to other STEM areas; that is, into the science, technology and engineering content of STEM.

4. Implementation of outcomes from our "Grand Gathering" hosted towards the end of our Project at Wild Horse Pass Convention Center in Chandler, Arizona, to review, share and pass on the products and dispositions of our efforts.

You will see these Supplemental Objectives integrated into our Project Activities in the semester-by-semester plan which follows.

Fall 2018

This semester our group at CSUF, TMCC and other sites is continuing enhancements to materials developed during previous years of our NSF TUES Project (see the "Lessons" tab to the left). These enhancements include revisions and updates of earlier lessons, all based in both American Indian culture and current undergraduate mathematics. Additionally, we are continuing work on our first three Supplemental Objectives to more widely collaborate with Tribal and non-Tribal undergraduate instructors in culturally-based STEM education.

Spring 2019

During Spring semester, we will continue development and testing of other culturally-based STEM materials in science, technology and engineering with our new site collaborators. Other highlights of our Spring Semester activities will include national presentations of our efforts (including at the Joint Mathematics Meeting of AMS/MAA) and our continued meetings with prospective future leaders to continue our work! These interactions will allow us to reflect on the progress of our work from this year and plan for the years ahead.

Summer 2019

Summer is one of the more active times of the year for our materials development Project research. Semester activities will include: revision and dissemination of new and (and previous) Project STEM lessons by current and former materials development groups; a national presentation of our efforts at the MAA MathFest; gatherings with Tribal college mathematics instructors for training in the use of our materials; continuing collaborations among all Senior Personnel and Project contributors; and further materials development and testing as we look to prospective future research efforts in undergraduate STEM education based in American Indian culture.

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