2018-2019 Info


CSUF Mathematics Dept.
Fullerton, CA 92831



Charles Funkhouser, PI
Harriet Edwards, CoPI
Miles Pfahl, CoPI (TMCC)
Patrick Weasel Head
Roberto Wheaton
Michael Little Crow
Shawn Jordan


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You can download current versions of some of the materials that we've created which are listed below!

Some useful notes on these lessons:

Each of the eighteen lessons has at least three components: 1) traditional Lesson Materials available in Word format for user duplication and modification, 2) a Power Point presentation to give an overview of the lesson to the instructor and students, and 3) a Solution Key/Teacher's Guide for instructor use. Some of the lessons have links for additional supplemental materials as well.

Lesson 1 (Transformational Geometry/Native Design)

Lesson 1 PPT (PowerPoint)

Lesson 1 Solutions (Solutions)

Lesson 2 (Probability/Plumstone Game)

Lesson 2 PPT (PowerPoint)

Lesson 2 Solutions (Solutions)

Lesson 3 (Numeration/Gesture Counting)

Lesson 3 PPT (PowerPoint)

Lesson 3 Solutions (Solutions)

Lesson 3 Tutorial (Salish Counting Tutorial)

Lesson 4 (Geometry/Medicine Wheel)

Lesson 4 PPT (PowerPoint)

Lesson 4 Solutions (Solutions)

Lesson 5 (Geometry/Native Structures)

Lesson 5 PPT (PowerPoint)

Lesson 5 Solutions (Solutions)

Lesson 6 (Probability/Stick Games)

Lesson 6 PPT (PowerPoint)

Lesson 6 Solutions (Solutions)

Lesson 7 (Numeration/Beading)

Lesson 7 PPT (PowerPoint)

Lesson 7 Solutions (Solutions)

Lesson 8 (Geometry/Arrowheads)

Lesson 8 PPT (PowerPoint)

Lesson 8 Solutions (Solutions)

Lesson 9 (Geometry/Beadwork)

Lesson 9 PPT (PowerPoint)

Lesson 9 Solutions (Solutions)

Lesson 10 (Measurement/Hand Games)

Lesson 10 PPT (PowerPoint)

Lesson 10 Solutions (Solutions)

Lesson 11 (Linear Programming/Native Clothing)

Lesson 11 PPT (PowerPoint)

Lesson 11 Solutions (Solutions)

Lesson 12 (Solid Geometry/Native Structures)

Lesson 12 PPT (PowerPoint)

Lesson 12 Solutions (Solutions)

Lesson 13 (Solid Geometry-Calculus/Native Structures)

Lesson 13 PPT (PowerPoint)

Lesson 13 Solutions (Solutions)

Lesson 14 (Pre-calculus/Blood Quantum)

Lesson 14 PPT (PowerPoint)

Lesson 14 Solutions (Solutions)

Lesson 15 (Transformational Geometry/Native Design)

Lesson 15 PPT (PowerPoint)

Lesson 15 Solutions (Solutions)

Lesson 16 (Statistics/Contemporary Native Health)

Lesson 16 PPT (PowerPoint)

Lesson 16 Solutions (Solutions)

Lesson 17 (Numeration Systems/Native Language)

Lesson 17 PPT (PowerPoint)

Lesson 17 Solutions (Solutions)

Lesson 17 Otchipwe Reading (Supplement)

Lesson 18 (Probability for Engineers/The Native Story)

Lesson 18 PPT (PowerPoint)

Lesson 18 Solutions (Solutions)

Lesson 18 Supplemental Materials

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