2018-2019 Info:


Mathematics Dept. CSUF
Fullerton, CA 92831



Charles Funkhouser, PI
Miles Pfahl, CoPI(TMCC)
Harriet Edwards CoPI
Patrick Weasel Head
Roberto Wheaton
Michael Little Crow
Luther Olson
Shawn Jordan

Project and Participant Contact Information

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The following is a listing of the Project personnel and their contact information:

Charles P. Funkhouser, Ph.D. (PI)

Example image - aligned to the right Dr. Funkhouser serves as the Principal Investigator (PI) on this Project at the Department of Mathematics of California State University, Fullerton. His research interests within mathematics education include ethnomathematics, cognitive science, and appropriate uses of technology in the teaching and learning of mathematics. His outside interests include modern languages and literature, kayaking, snowboarding and motorcycling.

Miles Pfahl, M.S.T. (CoPI TMCC)

Example image - aligned to the right Miles Pfahl served as the Co-principal Investigator (CoPI) on this Project while with the Mathematics Department of Turtle Mountain Community College in Belcourt, North Dakota. He currently is at Dunseith Indian Day School. His research interests are in mathematics education, including tutor services and online mathematics education. His outside interests include doing anything with his wife Patty, and three children, Jaden, William and Zackary. He also enjoys golfing, hunting and spending time outside.

Harriet Edwards, Ph.D. (CoPI CSUF)

Example image - aligned to the right Professor Harriet Edwards is the Co-principal Investigator (CoPI) on this Project at the Department of Mathematics at California State University, Fullerton. She is a longtime Professor with the Department. Her research interests in mathematics education include how students can learn to study mathematics using analogy and metaphor, along with the training of peer tutors. Her outside interests include singing with Pacific Chorale, a major Southern California chorus, hiking and other outdoor activities, politics and history.

Patrick Weasel Head, Ph.D. (Project Tribal Cultural Liaison)

Example image - aligned to the right Patrick Weasel Head is the Tribal Cultural Liaison for this Project. Patrick has worked extensively with American Indian Tribes thoughout the United States, and has served in numerous formal professional capacities locally, statewide and nationally. His outside interests include fitness-related activities and issues of social justice. Of Blackfeet heritage, he works and resides in Missoula, Montana.

Roberto Wheaton, M.A. (Project Materials Developer)

Example image - aligned to the right Roberto Wheaton is a materials development specialist for this Project. He teaches and resides in California's Cochella Valley. His passion for American Indian culture and education is grounded by his roots on the Coeur d'Alene Indian reservation in Idaho. His other interests include snowboarding, painting and tennis.

Luther Olson, M.A.T. (Project Materials Developer)

Example image - aligned to the right Luther Olson is a materials developer for our Project. He teaches math and statistics at North Dakota State University and has worked extensively at Turtle Mountain Community College. His educational interests include mathematics education and incorporating technology into education. Away from work Luther enjoys playing basketball, acting and singing with his community theater group, and hanging out with his wife and three children.

Michael Little Crow, M.S. (Project Materials Developer)

Example image - aligned to the right Michael Little Crow is a materials development specialist for this Project at the Mathematics Department of Scottsdale Community College, Scottsdale, Arizona. His mathematical interest include ethnomathematics and mathematics education.

A. Duane Porter, Ph.D. (Project Evaluator)

Example image - aligned to the right Dr. A. Duane Porter is the Project Evaluator for this NSF DUE TUES-Type 2 Award #1122823. He is a Retired Emeritus Faculty of the Mathematics Department at the University of Wyoming, Laramie. He has an extensive research, publication and grant record, especially in the areas of algebra and mathematics education. His interests include hunting, fishing, hiking and visits to Kona, Hawaii.

Shawn Jordan (Project STEM Engineering Coordinator)

Example image - aligned to the right Dr. Jordan is the Project coordinator for the development of new Native culturally-based STEM lessons in engineering--which are key to this Project's just-begun supplemental objectives. He teaches engineering at the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University in Mesa. His professional and research interests include the interaction of the learning of engineering and American Indian culture. Currently he serves as the Director of ASU's STEAM Labs Center for K-12 Research and Engagement, which includes an active partnership with the Navajo Nation.

______________________________________________________________________________ (If you are not sure which of these participants you might need to contact for information about some aspect of the Project, please feel free to contact the PI, Dr. Funkhouser, for a referral.)