2017-2018 Info:


CSUF Mathematics Dept.
Fullerton, CA 92831



Charles Funkhouser, PI
Harriet Edwards, CoPI
Miles Pfahl CoPI (TMCC)
Patrick Weasel Head
Roberto Wheaton
Michael Little Crow
Shawn Jordan


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Hello! Here you'll find information on our NSF-sponsored DUE TUES Type 2 Project, "Native American-based Mathematics Materials for Integration into Undergraduate Courses," in partnership between California State University Fullerton (CSUF), and Turtle Mountain Community College (TMCC).

Information includes the cultural, mathematical and pedagogical stories behind the Project materials, the American Indian and mathematics personnel involved, and ongoing projects and opportunities for wider dissemination--and an invitation for your participation in our collaborative efforts. Information on current the types of materials developed for this Project can be found on the Teaching page. More about the individual Project participants and their contact information can be found by clicking here at Project Participants.

Our collaborative efforts focus on finding connections between traditional and current Native American culture, and mathematics as it it taught in undergraduate courses at universities, and Tribal and community colleges. The results of our current research can be found on the Research page.

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You can find a variety of past presentations and miscellaneous other materials from our Project from over the years on this website too. These files can be found at Archives

Lastly, our Gallery is a collection of pictures and images related to our efforts with American Indian culture and mathematics. We hope you enjoy them!